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Key4web (netkulcs) Payment and Affiliate System, registered in Switzerland under Communications Heffner Media AG. Key4Web has 3 main profiles:


Key4web is a micropayment system that can handle individual transactions of up to 100 Euro maximum. Shoppers may choose different ways to pay for services provided by our partners: by SMS, IVR, bank card, bank transfer or by COD. We are continuously expanding our payment services in order to broaden our payment choices and number of countries that we can provide services to.

Key4web has 3 primary payment services available:

  1. A time-based content service, where after the shopper makes a successful payment, they can view the content (for example a web site membership) with a pass code they receive.
  2. For DRM system film and music file payments, the videos and files can be accessed after a successful payment has been made. The video can be freely downloaded and opened with the necessary code. The videos are protected by Micrososft's DRM technology.
  3. When shopping for a product, the commission will be calculated after the customer has paid and received the product.


Videos and music files can be encrypted with Microsoft's DRM technology. Every video and music file will receive a code, generated by Key4web. The files are downloaded to a computer and may be copied, but can only be accessed after entering a code that has been purchased. The files may only be viewed on the computer from which the code was purchased (verified by IP address) and will not work if copied to another computer.


The site's 3rd profile is advertising with commission. Webmasters can choose the partners' advertisements and they will receive a commission for every visitor that makes a purchase on their site.

The advantages of Key4web over other affiliate systems:

Through the general affiliate systems offered by payment services is very difficult integrate more payment services for a home page.

Key4web has integrated several different payment options into the system. The advertiser's banner will receive a Key4Web URL, not the payment provider's URL. By clicking the advertisement, the user will be redirected to the advertised site through Key4web and Key4web will track and record this user (cookie, referrer, session). The shopper will have several different payment options available to them. Key4web will also play a part in the transaction and after it is completed, will deliver the purchased item(s).

Key4web can handle countless payment transactions at one time, can take care of billing, sort out settlement problems (not the partner or the affiliate, rather Key4Web's responsibility).
Key4web's goal is to have as many payment options as possible, which will increase the shopper's options to buy.

The already integrated partners for Key4web:

OTP - Credit card (CC),
IKOMedia - SMS, IVR;

A-SMS – Slovakia
Telemedia – Romania
Telefor - usefull in 10 countries
Verotel - in more, than 200 contries
Voxline - Romania
Webtopay - in 12 countries